New to group

Hello. My name is Susie and I am new to this group. I was diagnosed with PsA about a year ago. Started with steroids and methotrexate with no help. Started Humira about 3 months ago, with some relief, but still have flair ups and some daily pain. It seems to affect most of my joints, my knees and elbows in particular. Very sore and stiff still, some days requiring a pain pill. My doctor has been talking about trying me on Remicade. I am wondering if others have had some success with this I.V. med over Humira. I would really love to get completely off the steroids (still take 10 mg a day) and the methotrexate. Any advice would be greatly appreciate. I am getting frustrated with constant pain and inability to do everything I would like to do. Thanks.

Welcome, NA! Yes, you are still in The Gap – the time between diagnosis and finding a treatment which helps. It’s one of the most difficult times for PsA patients, and most of us have been there for at least three months. As far as Remicade goes, there are several people here who are on it, or have been. For some it works, for some it doesn’t, just like the other biologics. If you go to the very top of the page, you will see a small search bar. Try entering “remicade” in there, and see what pops up.
We hear you about getting off steroids, but sometimes they are necessary in the short term. It sounds like you are having conversations with your doctors about that, and that is good.
Frustration with constant pain, and the impact of this disease on everyday life is, indeed, difficult to deal with. I hope that you find the support and information that you need here. Again, welcome!

Welcome to the group! It isn’t unusual to continue taking MTX While using biological, although some people will be weaned completely off of them. I’m down from two DMARDs and a biological to one DMARD and a biologic. I’m not sure I’ll be removed from the DMARD but many people are.

Thank you both for your welcome and response. I will try that search on Remicade and see what I can find. I have an appointment this afternoon with my doctor, and have a list to take with me of questions. The "trial" period definitely is not fun, and seems to take forever with giving the meds months to work. I am looking forward to getting it all sorted out. And am glad I found this group for support. Thanks again everyone!