It is school time and you know what that means

Well the kids are back in school and that means the wonderful colds, stuff up noses, etc. My daughter has a loose cough and I am giving her musinix to keep it loose. What I am asking what about me? Besides washing hands, spraying lysol and washing pillow cases, is there anything else I can do to ward off this happening to me.

In short of sending her away for the rest of her life how to other work through the issue with children and their colds, etc.

I take vitamin C and use the sinus cleanse on a regular basis. It seems to help (knock on wood) and flu shots if your dr says its okay to get them. I’ve been lucky so far I worked with kids for the last year and my biggest issue was sinus infections… The less you stress can help too. Good luck! Stay healthy!

I always have a flu jab each year which my GP gives early in Oct and try and stay away from anyone really infectious but when its family members there’s not much you can do. My job is with dialysis patients who have to come in for treatment however ill they are so that’s where I get most of my infections from…long gone are my years of being virus free
Good luck x

We homeschool, but are out and about in public places A LOT. We also take care of other people's kids, who come here even when sick. I make sure I'm keeping up with my vitamins, including B vitamins and upping vitamin C. I eat healthy. I wash my hands. I try to make sure I get enough sleep. I air out my house whenever possible (windows always open until it gets too cold, but if there's illness in the house, I'll try to air out the house if possible, even in the freezing cold!!!