Insurance company

At the beginning of this year our insurance changed. The company my husband works for is cutting corners of course but to avoid laying workers off. This I understand........but..........The result is I will no longer have the physical therapy my rhumey had me going to for the past 3 years.

I have a TBI too so I have balance issues besides the joint issues. When I have therapy we do balancing excercises too and I dont fall as much as when I dont have the therapy. I guess the insurance company can pay for my hip surgery when I fall and break a hip and my knee replacement surgery on both my knees when they wear out in a couple of years and they can buy me a cool Hoveround wheelchair when I cant walk anymore ........before I even turn 55.

I am usually the cheerful positive one but I am really having a whiney few months this year so far. I know you all have probably said this one.........I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

There.....I am done now blowing off some steam.

- sigh. -

Have a "low pain, got some stuff done and feel pretty good" day all my PsA friends. Thanks for letting me vent.

Glad you got it all out of your system by venting!! Doesn't make much sense, does it, that they would skimp on the preventive therapies in the insurance coverage. There's one upside which is that you've already had PT so you've probably got a really good sense of the exercises that help your joints and your balance. The hard part will be getting on a good schedule with yourself to do them routinely. I'm someone who benefits from doing activities with other people to keep me accountable--so going to PT was important for me because it made me keep up with my homework! If this sounds like you. too, is there anyone you can do PT with? Or someone who might call you to keep you honest, so to speak? Good luck with your home practice!