Changing insurances

I have not been on for awhile for I have very busy with my family. I am doing well so that is all I can ask. The only item that is different is that we are changing insurance companies for my husbands company decided that since he is self-employed we have to find our own insurance. We are going to have cobra until we find something we like.

Wish us luck..any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

I re-did our family's insurance through (yes, the infamous website) and I couldn't be happier. We got great coverage at a fair price- even without the subsidy it came in less than what we had before. There are still agents out there hawking policies that do not meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act. Don't even waste your time with those. With a PsA diagnosis, they'll kick you to the curb in the proverbial New York second.

Check provider lists and make sure your rheumy and other essential providers are covered, and wade through the drug formularies to make sure any needed biologics are on the plan. Good luck. Have the aspirin bottle at the ready, 'cause there's lots of crap to wade through, but at least for our family it was well worth it.