In need of a break, and soon!

Three days of school left before break. Can y'all say "YYAAAAYYYYY!!" I am in such need of a break. The old body is feeling pretty good but I have been having sleeping issues again. I can't wait until next week to sleep in and get some much needed rest. I cleaned all weekend (I think I may actually be caught up for a few days) preparing for my Mom and Sister's visit. They arrived on Sunday and only stayed overnight, but I got to take them in to the hospital for final preparations for my other sisters transplant. I am feeling pretty positive about the situation and so does my sister. The hospital she will be at has had success in treating people with multiple types of Leukemia and that is a good thing since it is very rare. While I was in transit, I stumbled upon the hospital that has the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis support group once a month so I now know where it is. Surprisingly I got a lot accomplished with my drive into Chicago and I hope it puts my family a bit more at ease.

I found a way to help my sister even more. Her friend found a service that helps transplant patients raise funds for their treatment. I plan to help out with it. This whole thing makes all of us feel so helpless because there is nothing we can do to alleviate the situation except pray (which we are all doing a lot of!). If anything good can come out of a cancer situation, I would have to say that it is putting my PsA in perspective. All though it can be very painful and effect my everyday life, I can still have my life.