I'm New

Please forgive my ignorance. If I have questions, where and how do I post them? Some other forums have categories and a way to ask a question or reply to a thread. How does yours work?

Welcome, dhvcabs!

This is our main forum, where most of the questions, concerns, vents, and information are posted. There is also a "Groups" link at the top of the page that contains groups for more specific discussions such as Natural Healing, Psoriatic Arthritis and Depression, and so on.

I hope you find the connections, support and information you seek. This site is for people struggling with psoriatic arthritis, and our goal is to connect you with others so you don't feel alone. I encourage you to read others discussions, blogs and comments, start your own discussion or blog and give your input. Everyone makes a difference!

Here's some info that you may find helpful:

This site is built for the patients, spouses, parents, siblings and friends, Please no use of any vulgarity or hate, and please only add tasteful photos. Have Fun! :)

1. Make sure to fill out your bio on MY PAGE. You can customize your page by looking under your photo and click MANAGE MY PAGE and there you can change the look of your bio page. Also download your picture of yourself so we know what you look like otherwise you will get the generic purple photo and under picture you have twitter and hit share and you can share to the most popular sites like Facebook.

2. To go to a members bio page just click on picture of the member and you will be relocated to their bio page, where you can read their bio or leave them a comment.

3.To become a friend go to members bio page and under their photo click on FRIEND REQUEST and you can send a message also at that time if you wish. Once someone sends you a friend request please click OK and they will show up on your bio page under My Friends.

4. To join a group click on group icon then click add or join a group. Some of the Tabs you click at top of front page have 2 choices, when it shows click on it to go to page. When entering a Link for a website, before you paste it click on HTML, then paste it. For just text click on Rich Text. To upload a video from YouTube, copy the embed code of video and paste it in box when you click add video then click save.

If you have any further questions, ask away! :)