I was brave!

Thanks to everyone posting about injecting into their stomaches, I got brave today and injected my Enbrel there today. I thought it would hurt more, but it hurt less! I have been injecting all my meds into my upper right thigh for YEARS. So much better!

Good for you Marietta! For trying something new! Sometimes with this illness I think we get so tired of experimenting with new drugs and having new surprises for the illness that we stick stubbornly to other things to gain a sense of sameness. And you stepped right up and tried something new that improved your life. good for you. <3,<3,<3!

Thanks! I think you're right...I get so fed up with trying new meds, I didn't ALSO want to find new ways of taking the meds. I'm so proud of myself :)

I expect to start on either Enbrel or Humira soon because my doctor has already said he doesn't think the MTRX will work. When I do, I'll be sure to remember this good advice! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

You should be proud of yourself Marietta! Instead of this stupid disease always surprising us you pulled one over on it! Gloat your a*** off!

Woohoo! I poked around until I found a good spot., and was glad I found the guts to do it…well…in my gut. So much less tender there, and pretty easy to reach. I rarely hit a tender spot. Good for you!

yay! congrats! I am trying my stomach for the first time tomorrow so hope I can be brave too!

Brava, diva! You are an inspiration.