Well it has started

Monday I had my first dose of Enbrel since methotrexate alone wasn’t working as well as we wanted. The nurse had to show mom how to do it! I soooo HATE needles!!! They had a good laugh at how red my face got and me hideing my eyes!!! Lol :slight_smile: I’m really hopeing this will work wonders! :slight_smile:

On a sad note methotrexate started making me really sick. Like almost sleeping in my bathroom! :frowning: but my doc gave me something to help. We shall see!

I just thought I would give an update! I don’t post much but I do read everyone’s post almost every day or so! :slight_smile:

Good luck with the Enbrel. You'll get over your needle fear soon--especially if it starts to help. You'll begin to really like that needle!

I just started enbrel a few weeks ago. I’m using an auto injector, so I never even have to see the needle. Hope you get some relief soon.

Good luck with the Enbrel!

I’m sure I will get over it especially if it starts to help! I’m diabetic and have to check my blood sugar but for some reason that’s not as bad! :slight_smile: