I just talked to our JC!

He has been moved to another shelter and is okay. No one has been allowed back on the Island where he lives. Said he has been there about 10 years, first time anything like this has happened, but he loves it there, knows everyone and they are so very nice. They were just hit again with snow from the recent Noreaster! Many are not sure if they even have a home left to go to, but most were flooded, moved, or are just plain GONE!

I sent money to the Red Cross, they are taking care of him!

His sister is about 3 hours away, and lost power for a while, but is fine, they were not hit.

He said there is a lot of walking, and many children, he is adjusting to, and enjoying them. And is taking Ben's Friends live!

I have a temporary phone number for him, please keep it brief and realize he goes to bed early and gets up early.


Hugs to all,


Glad to hear he's managing through all this okay. The whole region was really hard hit, but the areas that were hit with the storm surge were hit unbelievably hard. It's good that he evacuated. For too many people it become life or death.

Thanks for this post … JC has been in my thoughts, as have all who were hit by Sandy, and at least he is ok

Hi Louise! I hope to call him again in a few days, I'll be sure to tell him you asked about him!

Hope you are well!


JC just called to tell me that he has been moved to a hotel room on the Jersey shore. The strain is gone from his voice ane he says he is feeling comfortable and secure, ready to 'do his own thing'.

He has decided to wait for the clean up and rebuilding as he has made the shore his home and wants to stay there.

I'll stay in touch with him without crowding him and will post when I hear from him again.