Stupid Nemo

I live in the Northeast, and Nemo dumped about a foot of snow on us. Mind you, nowhere near as bad as some parts got. So yesterday morning we went out and shoveled. A neighbor of ours was kind enough to use his snowblower on the plowed part next to the road. Lately I've been doing fairly well. I opted not to go X-country skiing, as my hands and wrists haven't been too well.

Last night I was trying to do my exercises, and realized that my shoulder was hurting, not the tendon type of hurt, but the joint type of hurt. This morning, I am in full pain in my shoulder, and my hips are acting up too. Aargh. Why can't things just be simple?

That's okay. I'm going to go snow-shoeing this morning with my neighbor's dog. No upper body stuff needed other than holding the leash, and she's well trained not to pull. I'll just keep it short, for both of our sakes. She's only 10 months old, a golden retriever.

Wish we only got a foot. I live in Connecticut & we got at least 3 & 1/2 feet. Be safe & enjoy your outing.

You're close to Milford? I saw the snowfall totals and some areas, like yours, got it so bad. Are you dug out today?

Hamden, CT got the worst of all at 40". I'm the next town over. It's truly terrible dealing with so much snow all at once. They hasn't even gotten all the roads cleared yet. No school today for anyone and a lot of the businesses closed down. I've been shocked at how well I feel with all the shoveling. Thought I'd be in pain but really hasn't been bad at all. Fingers crossed on that. lol

The funny part is when Hurricane Sandy hit New England all you heard on the news was NY and NJ. Hey what about CT? We got wacked too. This time around it's all about CT. Go figure.