I guess that im having a weeklong flare (s)

My shoulders all the way down to and including the fingers are killing me! My wife doesn’t understand.

That’s tough Bob, yes, I used to have flares at least a week long, and often in a whole half of the body like that. It’s miserable. I hope it improves for you soon

I hope your flare calms down soon @Bob. If every part of our body turned John Deere green, we would probably get some understanding but typically (for me) my hands and very sore points do not present much differently that my normal. I had a mild but potentially ugly accident with my chainsaw 2 days ago while in the back acreage. It only went in about 1/4 inch but over an inch wide shredding all skin just above the knee. When I walked in the house with blood all over, my wife was quite understanding. My point? Understanding by others might be overrated and often fickle…not because they are being nasty, they just can’t understand the pain of a nasty flare when the visual is missing. Hang in…sometimes I find that some sort of exercise working through the flare actually helps shut it off. I’d have included a picture of my little accident but fortunately, I have never been able to figure out how to post a picture. Take care!

In this case it might be just as well that you don’t know how to include a picture.

For those who want to know, you’ll use the upload button at the top of your message box, and you’ll need to upload from your device. The other option might be to drag and drop but that depends on your device.

Here’s a pic of two of my girls keeping my company post hospital stay. @Bob , it can be really hard for people to understand when there’s nothing visible. I’m so thankful that my husband really understands what I’m going through. Sometimes he’s a little bit too protective, but I would rather that than the opposite. I hope that you start feeling some relief soon.

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Thank you for your response.
I will get a picture in.
My seven year old grand daughter scored her first hockey goals today. Two of them! But I missed it. Such is life.


Wow Amos. I hope that you heal quickly.

Thank you Jen.

Thanks Bob. I’ve been swinging a chainsaw for over 40 years and this incident was unexpected. I just didn’t think through the ramifications of a small tree that I cut that was hiking up a larger branch. It dropped on my hand and forced the saw spinning at high speed down into my leg. I got off east with it only taking off a path of skin a1/4 inch deep, 1 inch by 1 1/2. There was nothing left for stitches so it just has to heal on its own. Every time I bend at the knee it pulls it open. Oh well…live and learn!

That’s quite impressive. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse.

We had a chainsaw incident a few years ago. My prediction on what would happen to the tree was wrong. I didn’t interact with the chainsaw, but had the tree pop up between my legs and knock me back onto a very large rock. Once it happened I saw exactly where I went wrong.