My latest

I was on my way to see my Rhuemy on the 20th, when a mudslide took out the whole road only one mile infront of me. I was aleady 35 miles into my 60 mile drive.... I was so distraught that I almost took the snow covered dirt road ( even though I wasn't sure where it come out at) but thought pain for anouther week was better then freezing to death....

So I finaly got in to see my Rheumy on the 26th. By then I could barely keep it together. My Chest is still hurting, and all my kids are home for winter break, stressing me out and that is totally not helping me! My shoulders are killing me, and my only saving grace is that the fire has finally gone out of my hips!

So Rheumy gave me an injection in each shoulder- and she wanted to give me Pericet or Vicodin for pain managment, but I really need to be functioning- so I opted for Tramidol. Although I was tempted....

For the next 2 days I could barely move my arms, I wasn't expecting that. She told me it would be a few days before I felt any better, and now my arms do feel better, but my shoulders are still hurting.

So next week I go in for an ultasound on both shoulders.

Also while I was there my Rheumy restarted my Arava- I was taken off because my fingers were turning purple- decided I have Raynauds aswell....

I go back in to see my Rheumy in 4 weeks.

Oh and a funny sortof- While at Christmas dinner my sister-in-law says " oh now what do you have again? oh thats what my friend was just dxed with, so glad she has that instead of something serious"

I about died laughing... after I was done screaming on the inside.... My In-laws, her parents gave her a what for after I left... They don't know all about it, but do know it is

I wouldn’t worry what anyone else said or thought if it is negative. I have walked a mile in my shoes or several miles I should say with several of the same problems you have. There is nothing funny about any kind of arthritis. It is disabling in most all it’s forms. It can tear you down mentally and physically and I know both well. I had a bout a couple months ago and was nearly at the devils doorstep if it wasn’t for family I’m not sure what would have happened. Just hang in there and I hope you have a very healthy and happy New Year!

I'm just glad you weren't IN the mudslide. That's really scary, but I'd have been tempted by a snowy side road too...briefly :)

I'm glad your rheumy is taking your shoulder problems seriously. That will make a huge difference long term, because you don't have to waste your energy arguing each visit about it, and can focus on the big picture.

LOL your sis-in-law! I bet the friend just dx with the same thing is going to want to give her a kick when she says the same thing to her about it being "not serious".