Husband with anterior uveitis

I’ve probably mentioned my husband here before. He’s had psoriasis for many years, and was diagnosed with mild psoriatic arthritis a few years ago. That was after the first rheumatologist he saw, until I made him switch to mine. He’s not on any disease modifying meds.

A few months ago he went to urgent care with what he thought was an eye infection. Painful, red eye. He followed up with the eye doctor. He got multiple diagnoses with a big question of what was the correct one. Dry eye (but why only one?), infection, inflammation. He was treated with eye drops that were a combo of steroids and antibiotics. It happened again a few weeks later and he self treated. This time he went back to the eye doctor.

When he went in a week ago with a very red eye again, he was told that it looks like anterior uveitis, and it was dry. So he used steroid eye drops for a week and returned today. He received a definitive diagnosis of anterior uveitis and was told not to self treat, but to return next time it happened. And to wean off the drops over the next period of time.

When he goes to see the rheumy, I told him he’s got a lot to talk about with her. His psoriasis is harder and harder to control with topicals, this new diagnosis, and his continuing back pain and stiffness. He’s resistant to the idea of disease modifying meds, but I think that’s the next step for him.

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I worry about people delaying treatment

I so remember being in that place. It was you guys on here who changed my mind. And boy am I glad you did. Five years later, now on my 3rd biologic for 14 months and finally I’m doing seriously well. Incredibly so. Maybe you should show all my screaming and shouting posts about it when I first joined (there were lots) and then show him this comment. The only path out is to get on meds. Scary and all that it is.


I’m working on him. I’m actually seeing the rheumatologist tomorrow, so I may even express to her my concern over my husband. After I tell her how awful I’m doing these days.

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@Stoney Have a very frank discussion when you do see your Rheumy. AU is nothing to play with. By the same token unless things have changed recently the only BIO that has proven effective with eye issues is Humira… Your hubby may have a point and I suspect being a science type has studied more than you may suspect. I’d almost bet a nickle he knows this and is processing what to do… Don’t discount the fact you, as a family, have had one chitty year yourselves which could be giving him pause. I just hope for ALL 2021 isn’t looking at 2020 and saying “hold my beer”


Thanks. That’s good to keep in mind.

Nope, he’s not looking into it. He’s too much of a hypochondriac and a doctor follower. I’m the noisy one in the family.

LOL The internet has made being a a great Hypochondriac much easier… You noisy???

My husband doesn’t question doctors, and certainly would never disagree. Yeah, I’m a little noisier than that.

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