Doctors....argh (eyes)

Eye pain, headaches and light sensitivity...

So I picked up a new pair of prescription eye glasses. They seemed to help initially but I noticed my vision was worsening day by day. My eyes became very sensitive to light and I developed a constant headache. I couldn't read for more than a few minutes before my vision was blurry and I couldn't focus at all.

I went to the doctor. Just a primary care doctor and he prescribed prednisone and told me to see the optomotrist.

Two days later I was in the optomotrists office in my sunglasses and described to him what was going on and he said I needed a referral to Opthalmology...his office calls my primary doctor and I head over to her office...she checks me out and has her staff call the I go (third appt that day) to the Opthalmologist.

After my exam he says I don't have any uveitis, just dry eyes. After his exam he asks me "why are you taking prednisone?" I respond that it was prescribed to me and he then in a very condescending tone says "you just have dry eyes"...

Ummm ok. Keeping in mind he is aware of my PsA and says its probably related... Then he prescibed Restasis and steroid drops. Wants me to return for a recheck in 4 weeks and says don't bother with adjusting my prescription because it won't help until this is straightened out.

I just needed to rant for a moment as I am tired of being treated like an idiot. Before my official diagnosis of PsA I was often put off by my doctors when I would complain of low back pain.

I was told it was my "old dusty uterus", fibroids, age whatever would suffice to ignore the issue. That lasted for half a dozen years. I was finally sent for xrays and had the HLA-B27 test done (+). My mother has PsA and deformities but alas I was told it wasn't a real problem.

Xrays show erosions in both hands...Rheumy put me on MTX and then Humira...