Eye inflammation

Painful red eye which primary care physician says is related to underlying disease. Still recovering from a recent admission to hospital with a flare, and sometimes it just feels like this this disease never lets up. Feel a bit defeated by it all today.

Awww-sorry! Search "Uveitis" in the search box (top right of screen) and you'll find some old threads about eye problems aasociated with PsA.

In the meantime, and because you feel defeated, you might consider rocking this option:

Hoping for a better outcome than Elle Driver had!

Are you seeing an Ophthalmologist for your eyes now? I’ve read that it’s important to treat uveitis.

I have had continual eye problems (iritis) long before I was diagnosed with PsA. Lots of prednisone drops and continual checks on the eye pressures. I am friends now with my nurses who know me well. Since using Enbrel and then Humira it improved enough over the years that I had cataracts removed from both eyes, several years apart. The cataract on one eye was never bad enough to remove until recently.

See an opthamologist and just go for it. My eye doctor actually knew I had psoriatic arthritis before I did; she sent me to the rheumatologist since she knew I needed treatment but she couldn't provide it.

Everything is quiet now as far as eyes and joints go. Good luck.

Hi AuroraB,

I had a lot of pain going on like that too, along with flares, and sometimes without, unexplainably.

It seems that some biologics do better with the eyes than others, I also have enthesitis as a prominent part of my disease, and wondered if some of the pain I was getting was that.

When I first started getting treated it seemed worse for a while and I had to wear my sunglasses inside. Mine always worse on my left eye.

Now I see someone every year to make sure not dangerously bad in the slit test. I suppose you keep up with yours. It gets better with cortisone I have used for flares. Unfortunately my cortisone use has started cataracts but mild and they said they can treat them later.

Happily, for no apparent cause mine are less painful right now, not gone, but not terrible, so hang in there till something changes.

Seems like this disease changes as much as the weather.

It was distressing when bad, I hope you can get some relief soon.

I have never had any trouble with my eyes till now.I came down with pink eye then my body just fell apart.