My first dose of Humira was last Monday. I got a double dose, or "loading" dose. I gave myself another dose this Monday. The first few days of last week, I started to feel a difference. Less pain, and more energy. It was a huge relief!!

This week, however, I seem to be sliding back into pain and inflammation. It's nowhere near the level it used be, but it's making me nervous all the same.

Papillon, never fear, you are going in the right direction. I had to pause Enbrel for several weeks, and the same happened to me: I could feel its efffect for a couple of days, and then it seemed to fade. My husband reminded me that I’d experienced that when I started the first time. But each week, the effect seemed to last a bit longer. I inject on Thursdays (yippee, that’s today!) and about two weeks ago, I faded on Tuesday. Yesterday, my husband commented that I seemed surprising energetic considering it was Wednesday. So I guess the Enbrel is “taking hold”.
Don’t forget that it can be three months or even longer before you experience the full effect of your Humira.