Started on Humira

Hi All

Well I had my first injection of Humira yesterday and boy I can not get over the difference in just 24 hours, Im not great but i do feel better than i have in a very long time, to be honest i did not think i would notice anything so quickly im very happy, so to anybody who is not sure wheather or not to give Humira a go I would say go for it , thanks to all who have given me advice so far, Its good to hear from others who truly understand how you are feeling. :)

Same thing happened to me when I went on Enbrel. The biggest thing I noticed right away is that I wasn't so tired! Glad you are experiencing quick results from Humira. Right now, I've delayed my Enbrel 4 days because of my bad cough, and I can't wait to go back on it for fear my PsA and P will come back!

That's very impressive! For me it took a few weeks to start noticing anything, which is more typical.