Is This For Real?!

Ok, let me pinch myself to see if Im dreaming! I took my Humira injection for the first time on Monday, couldnt tell any difference what so ever until my feet hit the floor at 7am this morning! Let me tell you i still hurt, i still cant walk and prance beautifully, my knuckles look like Ive been in a fight with someone 500 pounds bigger than me, but I FEEL BETTER! Its a start, I certainly didnt expect such a difference on day 4! I understand i have a long way to go! Only my first dose and Im shocked! It took Enbrel a few weeks a couple years ago when i started that to be able to tell! On a good day every since Ive battled PsA , I usually have to take pain meds at least 4 to 5 times! Today, try only once! If I really trusted this broke down body Im walking around in I might would jump, and then find myself all jacked up! Bottom line is, I think Humira might just be what Ive needed for a long time! I cant wait to see what Ill feel like in a couple months! Im so happy, just thought I would share my story!


Not to throw a wet towel on your mood, but remember that it can take up to three months to feel the effect of the biologic. Rhea and GrandmaJ are so, so lucky! (And I think they know it.) But I shouldn’t downplay how good it feels to be taking charge, and hoping for some real improvement. That alone will help carry you through the break-in period.
Maybe you will be the third lucky duck, Sybil! I do hope so!

I have gotten a similar "lift" from Stelara and Remicade in the first couple of weeks of therapy. I can't explain it and it did take about 3 months to reach full effect. I did not notice the same "lift" with Humiria, Enbrel or Simponi. It was a gentle but distinct lifting of symptoms though I continued to battle stiffness, fatigue and pain it was better.

To me, it seems like the first shot surprise attacks the culprits in our bodies and kind of knocks them down. That's why I think we felt so good so fast. I still feel a lot better than before, but I did have some pressure in my hands later today and my neck is so sore. I'm thinking I'll need another MRI if a few more PT sessions don't fix this. I had my 3rd Enbrel shot in the wee hours of this morning when we arrived home from Cleveland.

Hi Rhea, are you still feeling the effects of your first shot? Did you get a second shot?

I just had my fourth shot this morning. I'm still doing great--a little sore here and there, but I think that's the damage left behind and probably won't change anytime soon.....but, the inflammation is still way down and I actually feel like a new person.

I wish this stuff worked this well for everyone! I feel very fortunate, but also a little scared that this may not last. For now, I'm keeping positive and telling myself if and when something goes wrong, I'll deal with it then.

Have a nice evening!