Hi im going camping for a week but im due for my humira injection in the middle of the week, any suggestions on how to keep my injection at the right temperature. x

It depends on HOW you're going camping. Will you be car camping, and refilling a cooler every day? In that case, just keep it in the cooler. If not, what about a very small cooler, and a bunch of chemical ice packs, that you can just break.

Alternatively, can you leave it at the ranger station until it's time, if there is a fridge? You might want to call ahead. The other thought is to shift your timing. Can you take it right before you leave? Or put it off a few days?

I wonder if the nurses and techies at Humira can give you some good advice. When I was taking Humira, I called the 800 number several times for advice about various issues.

Thank you Stoney, we will have a cooler box with ice packs in but im due my injection 4 days into are trip
Wasnt sire it would stay correct temperture. X
Frances i will give them a ring see what they say thank you x

Good luck and if you have time, post what you decide to do. I'm sure it will help others.