Travelling in Europe with Humira

Hi all,

I've blundered (a commonplace occurrence). My long suffering and very lovely partner has booked us a weeks holiday in Vienna. She has arranged the flights, hotel, taxi from the airport; everything to make the holiday as easy and straightforward for me as possible. All I had to do was supply the dates that fitted with my injection. You've guessed it, I got them wrong and only just realised the other yesterday. I fretted about this for a day or two and then decided to casually drop the clanger last night. Well after a slight eye roll and a bit of a sigh, she said 'don't worry, find out what we need to do and I'll sort it out. So my question is what do you need to do to fly with humira? I'm sort of aware of cool bags etc., but how significant are temperature fluctuations and how long will a cool block keep cool enough. Also what do airlines require? I'm assuming you want to take it as hand luggage rather than having it chucked around in the hold.

Thanks for any advice. I'm hoping it's straightforward or my next holiday might be a sad singles coach trip to somewhere it rains a lot.

Lucky lucky you, going to Vienna! Stop worrying, no problem. I’ve taken my Enbrel on ships and train and planes … never a problem. Carry it with the official prescription label that you get from the pharmacy. Use the (or “a”) little insulated lunch-bag thing with the ice pack in it. ALWAYS carry prescription meds in your hand baggage. What you do when you get to the hotel will depend on what facilities they have. If you have a mini-bar fridge in your room, problem solved. If not, I’m sure it won’t be the first time that that the hotel has to help a guest who needs to keep medications like insulin cool.

All that said, would it be possible to adjust your injection date by a couple of days? Or is it, like smack in the middle of the week? Call the Humira people and ask their advice on what best to do. You aren’t the first with this problem. And it’s not a problem.

Ali, double check with Healthcare at Home but they told me you can leave Humira out the fridge for two weeks and that to travel with a syringe in your hand luggage you need make sure you have a letter from them or the hospital or your GP and keep it in its original box inside a padded envelope. Enjoy your hols.

Ah, Jules, I was wondering that. I know that Enbrel can be kept at room temperature for a few weeks too. I have travelled with it both ways.

Thanks for the info, not having to worry about keeping it cool would be a big relief. I did think about stretching the injection time , but it would be 4 days late, so probably too long. Yes Seenie, I do feel lucky. Went to Salzburg last year (dosed up on prednisolone) and it was lovely. I do love Austria; fantastic cakes and coffee to compensate for having to stay clear of alcohol. Although I may have to sample the odd wheat beer purely to give feedback to my son so he can look it up in his world beer book. It's a mother's duty to do these things.

What a lovely treat of a trip! And I’m glad to hear that you are beinng a responsible mother by sampling the beer for your son.

Yep, for less than two weeks it doesn’t have to be refrigerated - but it has to be in your hand luggage - checked luggage can freeze and that will be a problem!

I’ve never had trouble, but as Seenie said, keep the script with you. I also usually try to warn the people working the X-ray machine that I have an epi-pen, more because I do carry it with a refrigerated pack that exceeds the liquid limits. They usually shrug their shoulders and smile!

The only place I’m a bit unsure about trying to take my Humira is through the UAE - I’ve taken it through Australia (where I live), Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Indonesia, and Burkina Faso (in West Africa).

It won’t be a hassle, as long as you remember it - enjoy your trip!

I've never had to take my biologic on a plane, but a co-worker takes a daily injectable. He told me he doesn't even bother to pull it out of his carry-on with the shampoo and lotion, and has never had a problem.