Backpacking with Humira

Hey guys, I need some help! I’m planning on doing a 3 month backpacking trip through Europe this summer and I’m on Humira, which needs to be kept between 2-8C/35-46F at all times.. I’m going to need to take 6 injections with me and I’m going to be moving around every few days, so I’m wondering if anyone knows of any products that can keep medications cool for longer than ±10hrs or has any ideas on how travel with Humira? I've found a cooler bag that seems all right but I’m just wondering if anyone here has done similar trips before or has any better ideas on how to keep my Humira cool!? Any ideas would be helpful, thanks!

As an alternate thought, what about having someone ship them to you? Or bring them with you and have someone send them more locally?

What fun!

If you can keep it cold but not frozen dry ice lasts 3-4 times longer than ice. If you can store it insulated you would have longer time that way. We use it camping when we go remote nothing for 5o miles or more and stay for week in 75-80 deg during daytime.

Ok, I'll look into that. Thanks guys!

When I was taking Humira the nurse advisor from the pharmacy company told me that it can be kept un-refrigerated (but cool and in the dark) for up to 14 days. Definitely something you can check with the Humira helpline.

Hi Jules, yes I heard that from my doctor too. I’m going to be gone for 3 months though, so unfortunately the 14 days will only be useful once I only have one injection left.

Will you have access to a fridge and freezer each place you stop? If so then are you planning to be physically moving for more than 10 hours at a time? I was told 4 weeks for my Humira, so you would need to keep them cold for the first 2 months if that’s the case?

I found a great blog by someone who had backpacked through indonesia, think for about 6 months, I’ll see if I can re-locate it and post a link.

I guess it will all be down to forward planning/organisation and whether you can have them stored along your proposed route. Local pharmacies may be able to help.

What I think is most fantastic is that you are doing well enough on Humira to be able to go backpacking for three months.

Oops, it was Enbrel, but essentially same thing, see below

Thanks so much for all the help guys! I just talked to my doctor yesterday and he's going to contact a doctor somewhere in Europe where I can leave half of my medication and pick it up halfway through the trip. So that’ll make things a little easier.

Jen I'm assuming there will be fridges in the hostels considering it's Europe. Thanks for that link too, that makes me more optimistic!!

And thanks Jules, I wish I could just pick up my medication there but I’d have to pay for my medication, and as a broke student I can’t afford that haha! But yes, Humira’s a life saver!

Lucky you, Sydda! Earlier, I replied to this post, but it seems to have disappeared. Maybe I’ll have another go later, but I need to head out now. Meanwhile, I found this, which might be helpful to you –

Thanks for the suggestion! I was looking at those before but unfortunately they keep it at constant room temperature so it would be too warm for my Humira :(

Yes, I wondered if it would be cool enough for Humira.