How to lose weight?

I have spent years working out and staying in shape, till about 3 years ago when I started with PsA. I never was a big walker, I always had to push more to get through a work out and loved using weights and running, but now I have no energy for that and I get bored a mile into my walk. What does everyone do to keep the pounds off with all the fatigue and pain? I guess I can give p90x another try....

read Mark Sissons Primal Blueprint ! Excellent suggestions for diet and lifestyle changes. without the downside of chronic cardiovascular exercise. he promotes high intensity interval training, which I find much better- and pilates xxx

i personally went on Dr. Gott's no wheat/no sugar diet and have lost 51 lbs. 20-25 to my goal!

Well I've been pushing myself to make myself walk and get stretched out. with weight training from the p90x just half work outs and I've lost 4 pounds so far and feeling better, even working a little jog into the mix, I increased my protein and fiber and cleaned out some of the junk and feeling a lot better.