Daily Exercise Regimen - (not during flare up)?

I'm fairly new to PsA (Aug 2012) and still working through everything. I've lost 20 pounds so far with daily exercise and eating plant-based foods mostly. I try to alternate treadmill walking and free weights with some swimming (dog paddling)! I'm curious what others do to lose weight and build strength during your flare-free moments.

That said, I've had hand pain and other pain for almost 3 weeks. Free weights don't work as I lack the strength to grasp them (and it plain hurts). I don't want to lose the strength I've gained but any weight training I think of puts too much demand on the hands (bodyweight exercises like push-ups, etc.).

I have a YMCA membership so the pool is possible but it would be more like walking or aerobics, not laps. I'm not a great swimmer.


I hear you… Hand weights are tough. Resistance bands are good to keep strength up & very versatile. I walk lots… Not great with the plantar fascitis but feel like I have to keep moving. When I’m pain free I use elliptical cross trainer, gentle floor Pilates but my commitment to exercise waivers cos the pain suppresses my motivation!!!

You could do the "weight" exercises in the pool. Water offers so much resistance, that you could get quite a good low impact workout. Keep it gentle while you're in a flare, but keep moving. If need be, meet with a physical therapist for safe exercises. Good luck. I'm working on this as well, as most strengthening exercises do seem too hard on my wrists and hands. I totally wish we had a Y close by.