Exercise-- what's good and what's not?

I have so many questions! I have just joined the gym, and do 30 mins of cardio on the treadmill/cycle and then a series of crunches and squats etc. I do not want to lose weight, just improve fitness and strenghth but end up with achng ankles and sore muscles-- so much so that I only manage to go twice a week. I've heard scary stories of how working out puts extra strain on the joints, and increases the pace of disease activity. Why are there so many conflicting schools of thought on PsA?! Someone also told me that exercising underwater is the best-- can someone describe any specific exercises for the pool? because I don't swim.

It is so tempting to spend all day in bed, watching movies or reading a book. I try to tell myself I'm too young to be acting like an invalid, but then laziness takes over.

Also, can people with PsA donate blood?

Hi Anisha!

So nice of you to join our group, surely this disease has to be hardest for the young to deal with, as surely you want to be young and be fun.

Not sure about donating blood, a question more for your doctor. When asking about that, you may want to tell the Dr. that you are not taking MX on a regular timed basis as intended, and drinking, going against the strictest of warnings. Surely he will want to change you to another drug.

As for exercise be careful that you do not do more harm than good, listen to your body.


Hi Anisha you really should see a physio therapist for the kind of workout you can do without pain.

Cardio shouldn't be a problem... NO ONE should do squats or crunches after about age 20 but thats a different discussion. Talk to your doc first BUT generally low impact stretching from either yoga and similar is a good way to go. Mobility is key if you don't move it, it will rust. They type of PsA you have (there are 5) makes a difference. I was banned from the golf course (I have the Sponylitis type) however I cleaned up my stroke to her satisfaction and she finally cleared me, and the meds took hold.

If you are getting Pain with ANY work out ANY Time its not good. Sore muscles are different most of us have come to treasure that experience.... It means our treatment is working an we can actually move!!!!! Lots of water and when you think you have had enough drink some more. Folks with PsA tend to produce extra uric acid (which causes pain in and of it self up to gout), super hydration helps stop that. So does popping a few Vitamin C before you work out

hmm I hve never come across that about the uric acid. I drink alot of water so maybe am lucky. My mother has gout in her foot whole foot gets involved. She also has kidney disease from untreated Hi BP so there is a connection there. gonna search out some info on gout and PsA