Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me. I have been living with this by myself for a long time. Sometimes I get very depressed as I used to be a strong man and love doing stuff outdoors. Now I have to pace myself and I get tired easily. I have recently lost a reasonable amount of weight. I was about 220 lbs and now am about 185 lbs. The drop in weight has helped a lot as I don't get as tired. I now need to build some strength again., but I can't exercise too hard or for too long. Can anybody recommend a suitable exercise regime?

What is your diet for weight loss? I will be starting pilates soon as it has been recommended for me. This is more for stretching and toning but also fo strength.

The diet is not complicated. I simply cut out alcohol and sweets and and cut back the amount of meat I was eating. Instead I eat a lot more vegetables and fruit. The vegetables fill me up and I don't feel hungry. I have done yoga before in the past. I should start doing that again as it keeps my joints flexible and builds some strength as well.

I found swimming helpful, especially when the flare ups were bad. The water was soothing on my hot joints and you can do quite a good work out in the pool. The sauna session afterwards helped no end too…

I took Tai Chi also and it was great for me because it helped ease my joint pain, the slow movements were the trick for me. Now I took a beginner college class but I learned all the moves. By time I finished the course I could sit on the floor again and sit Indian style. I also was able to regain some balance. Now of course some moves had to be compensated due to no more function in some joints but overall I could do the class with no problems. I recommend Tai Chi. And I agree with the weight loss being helpful… I dropped 25 pounds and there was a big difference in energy and mobility. Thank you for sharing your feelings also. Even though I have some support I still feel alone in this world of daily pain.

Hi Philly!

We all get depressed sometimes, it is just part of it, but you have really accomplished a lot with your diet and weight loss, remember to celebrate that triumpth.

My Chiropractor, who knows my body better than anyone, gave me an exercise plan, many are stretches, he knows just what is best for my problem areas.

Wishing you continued success, so glad you have joined us and posted!


Welcome to you. I do stretching exercises, light weights, walking and bike riding. Like you it is always difficult to know how much to do without causing a reaction and flareup. The benefits of regular exercise make it worth the risk. Good luck