How quickly we can change

Over the last 6 months I have been feeling great; exercising more, lost weight, low pain levels. I'm on Enbrel, a small co-dose of prednisone and Celebrex.

A month ago I had to return to my home town quickly and flew instead of driving as I usually do.

I felt a bit 'off ' a few days later and then the day after I flew back I woke up to find my pain levels way up and lots of muscle spasm. The next day I woke to find my heart had gone into atrial fibrillation/flutter with a very erratic and fast heat beat (300) which was almost impossible to feel the normal way.

As this episode was much more severe than previous episodes I injected the blood thinning drug clexane to lower the chance of a stroke, doubled my pills to slow the heart rate and hoped it would go away within 36 hours as it has in the past. This didn't happen so I took myself of to hospital where they fast tracked me into the emergency unit.

While my heart reset itself that night, (I was booked in for a cardioversion the next morning) the blood tests I had there showed I had a low grade viral infection and it is surmised that this set off the PsA flare and that set off the AF.

Since coming out of hospital I have had to have several physiotherapy session to ease out the knotted muscles/tendons.

On the good side the tests I had in hospital show my heart to be in good condition for an old fella.

Today I will be back on the bike and hopefully headed for at least another 6 months of feeling good again. And I will only fly again in an emergency!

The lesson for me is to not get careless and put myself in places that have a higher risk of infection.

Oh. Allan, I’m so sorry to hear this. PsA is such a devilish disease, isn’t it. You think you’re doing OK, and then before you know it, PsA hits you in the … well, where it hurts.

Glad you’re back on the road. Drive carefully!

Allan, so glad to hear you got through this without too much intervention in the end. Amazing though what chaos a little virus ( it probably wasn’t so little) caused!!

Dang, Allan, that's a rapid heart beat! Hope you're feeling more like your healthy self!

Wow, how scary. My little sis went through a few years of the atrial fibrillation sending her to the hospital periodically. She has severe asthma so did not want to have to take the meds (which don't stop it, just help prevent the strokes) and decided to have a procedure done to zap the area of her heart that was causing it. Did this about 5 years ago and hasn't had an event since and no meds.

Wow, Allan, that sounds scary! So glad you had the proper drugs on hand and got yourself to a hospital! No more flying for you, young man!