How is everyone?

Hi all. I've been gone for a bit. My son started kinder but after 6 weeks of struggles we are homeschooling now. With all that stress came a minor flare and a staph infection. I am better now and thought I would stop by and say hello. How is everyone? What happy things are going on in your life? Ready for the holidays?

We are going well here. I am adjusting to homeschooling and really enjoying it. My stress levels are way down. I love this time of year. Fall and the holidays. Working on crafts and decor for the house. I made my son's Halloween costume, a fox. It was nice to sew. I miss my needle work but it's so hard with my hand arthritis. I do a little everyday.

Need to get a jump of Christmas gifts, but I'm not motivated. Might be a gift card year. I also have a new niece and another niece on the way in a few weeks! Need to make baby gifts. Wish I could crochet but that might be too much for my hands. I do what I can.