Christmas Gift Ideas for Love Ones with Psoriatic Arthritis

I really want to say thank you so much for everyone who shared their opinions. Last year I posted a question about gift ideas, and it really helped me a lot. I don’t mean to treat anyone with disease any different because I am also one of you. But when we know just what someone wants, we also learn to appreciate what is important to them. So once again thank you for all of you. I have compiled all the answers that everyone gave me last year, and so if you need some gift ideas this Christmas – Here they are!

- Crocs with insulation in them

- Good book

- Electric Can opener

- Electric blanket

- Restaurant gift cards

- gift certificate to a cleaning service

- Wheat pack

- specialty shoe stores, heating pads, slippers with memory foam, and cane

- microwavable heat packs

- nail care items, a manicure with hand massage

- Comfy clothing, ease of use items

- Wondergel seat cushion

- Memory foam bathmat

- Paraffin wax bath for hands and/or feet

- Pharmacy Gift Cards

- Magazine subscription to something they're interested in or an area of health - like "Living Without" for those who are gluten-free

Have a merry merry Christmas!!!

Thanks for posting this!

Merry Christmas!

I haven't been able to do my favorite hobby, quilting, in the past year due to hand pain.

This year my husband and parents are gifting me with a new ergonomic rotary cutter that fits with a ruler so it doesn't slip, and a rotating cutting mat, so I don't need to contort my arms when cutting the 2nd and 3rd cuts on a piece of fabric. Also premade binding, which uses a lot of fine motor control to cut and make.

Nice gift ideas! Thank you.

That’s awesome! I await my presents! I will take any of the above. :slight_smile:

Thanks :-) I actually asked for an electric can opener for Christmas. My guys have been great helping me out when needed, but I really would like to be able to do it on my own. Will have to check out the "Living Without" magazine!

Merry Christmas!!

I gave one of my best mates the book recommended by another board member about how to live with a chronic illness. Its an uplifting book and she loved it. :slight_smile: