Help me think of a Gift

The holiday season is not so far beyond! What do you think would make a great gift for a person with PsA?

Please feel free to comment. :-)

Crocs with insulation in them

Good book

Electric Can opener

Electric blanket

Restaurant gift cards

gift certificate to a cleaning service

Wheat pack (and my toddler loves them too when she is a bit ill and having a sook)

Gift card to specialty shoe stores,heating pads,slippers with memory foam,cane, gift certificate to have a massage

I love my microwavable heat packs! Especially the ones with aromatherapy added.

Gift certificate for a massage has been mentioned and would be appreciated.

Comfy clothing, ease of use items, depending on spending amount Kindle is great for when in waiting rooms.

For a woman maybe nail care items, a manicure with hand massage.

Love these ideas! I need to go shopping for my winter crocs now. Far too comfortable. Hmm. Electric can opener. Thanks for adding to my list of things I need for myself.

These are all great suggestions. I was about to make some of the same. Definitely agree with the massage gift certificate!! Cleaning service would be great too! Anything to help them relax and feel comfortable like: warm clothes & gloves/mittens, good music/DVDs, aromatherapy, and even a comfortable throw and pillow.

Something i got for myself recently that has been amazing is a down comforter. They can get pricy but are so worth it! it’s warm and the best part for our joints is it is light & wont weigh down on our achy spots.

i noticed i have a theme going on with my suggestions, maybe it is because I am sleepy :slight_smile:

Wondergel seat cushion (I've been drooling over these for MONTHS!)

Memory foam bathmat - these are great to put at the kitchen sink for when you're standing for a while washing dishes!

Arm warmers like these:

Paraffin wax bath for hands and/or feet.

Gift certificate to

Magazine subscription to something they're interested in or an area of health - like "Living Without" for those who are gluten-free.

Pharmacy gift cards for those who have to pay co-pays or need to buy supplements.

Especially good for parents ... a gift card for their favorite restaurant and gift certificate for babysitting while they go out. Or a gc for a spa day and someone to take care of the kids!!!

This is a great thread!!!!

Just made a list to give to my hubby! Great gift If only I new what to get him! He's been such a trooper while I've been sick this year... Gotta remember to spoil our carers right? Thank goodness for amazon and other internet shopping/delivery services.

body comfort heat pads

These things are AMAZING and absolutely worth the money. My mom got me a jumbo pack of assorted sizes from Sams club (she has PsA too) for christmas last year and she got the same thing for herself. You can use them over and over. I handed the little ones out to my friends at an outdoor event this weekend to help them keep their hands warm.

Oh I know! One of those pillows that are like a cushion chair. They have the cushion at the back and arm rest on either side. Available at Kmart or Big W (i am an Australian resident, so not sure if it would be Walmart overseas). Anyway, they are about $30.

N.B. massages aren’t always a good gift. When a person is flaring, it exacerbates the problem. My partner is a renowned remedial massage therapist and has noticed that when people are in pain with PsA they want a massage, which makes sense. However, she has to reeducate them that this is not good for them. Also, consider cold packs not heat packs for a present - cold reduces inflammation, whereas heat just makes the inflammation worse, under the guise of comfort.

I love this post - keep the ideas coming!!!