Holiday Wishlist

What's on your holiday wishlist?

As I was doing our annual wishlist with my kids (my parents have an credit card and buy most of the kids' gifts there!), I added a few things my husband and I wanted as well, as they didn't do what they usually do, which is find us an awesome gift during the Summer and give it to us then. LOL I realized that most of my list has to do with PsA / my health:

- heated blanket

- arthritis gloves (compression gloves)

- bike stand that converts bike into exercise bike (husband wants to bike together next Summer - it will take me all Winter and Spring to work up riding down the street, nevermind around rural New Hampshire!)

- wedge pillow

So...what's on YOUR list?

this is a good one....

iwas asking for compression gloves, a house cleaner for at least one ''good cleaning'' from top to bottom.a gift certificate for a massage ( for a good day). gift cards to resturaunts for nights i cant cook.....

so i guess mine are along the same line as yours :