Stuff people with psoriatic arthritis say

So... with all these Stuff "different kind of people" say videos going around, I thought it would be funny if there was one about arthritis (and yes I actually looked). If we were to make one of these funny vids... what would we say? I know there would be an "It's a flare day" in there...

or what might be a better idea... things people say to people with psoriatic arthritis. I think that may be one we could all have a million suggestions for!

Can I RSVP as a maybe? I'm not sure how I'm going to be feeling on that day.

Can I get this prescription without a child-proof cap?

I need to call my rheumy.

My sausage toe is driving me crazy.

I'm running out of / need more spoons.

Have you tried the anti-inflammatory diet?

I'm going gluten-free to see if it helps my PsA.

haha some of those sound like me when i first got diagnosed... i was up for trying anything to fix it :(

oh mine would be "it's my mtx day"

Ha ha, Nym, you just read my mind - I've been thinking "My sausage toe is driving me crazy" all day today - lol

I would also add:

I can't twist today, can you take this bottle cap off for me?

“my fingers won’t bend today, would you help me open this?”
“Today is a shot day so tomorrow will be crappy”
“The forecast may say clear, but my joints tell me it is going to get cold and rainy”

“no, I didn’t slam my hand in the door. The arthritis makes my fingers bend that way”

Oh and then there is one I use a lot:

"No it's not cold outside, I just wear my gloves to make my joints feel better"

Trees you made me bust out a laugh. Yes OW comes out a lot.

all such good ones....theres also

I cant bend that way anymore

Oh Honey, please dont jump on Mommy's lap! my knee is hurting me to much today...

I need my Handicap parking permit already...

I say thank you a lot. my wonderful husband is so helpful.. he does/gets things without me asking because he knows they involve stairs and doesn't want me to hurt :) I second the OW! I had a huge one of those this morning.

No, tylenol doesn't help. If tylenol worked, I wouldn't be on chemo meds.

I know I look fine.

Hold on... it's gonna take me a minute.

No, one Alleve does not do it for me.
If I can get up I’ll be happy to help!
Yes, I use this cane as a fashion accessory; my role model is Lady Gaga.
Just because my joints are swollen and sore does not make me typhoid Mary.
And my most common one according to my husband: "if I could just learn to hover
My feet would be fine! "

"Sorry, can't do anything today. I've got an MTX hangover"

No, I'm not getting out of bed. It's a no spoon day.

Under Sh*t other people say:

Where is your Psoriasis? (Hate this one, usually the first thing out of doctors mouths)

Do you really need all those meds? (Nope, just take them to look cool)

How are you tired already?!? (They already know why)