Mark your calendars for May 20th

I just wanted to remind everyone that next Saturday May 20th is the first International Autoimmune Arthritis Day. They are trying to educate and raise awareness for these horrible diseases. The website is

so excited for this event! I have spread the word everywhere i go!

Thank you so much for the heads up, I did not know this.

You are welcome Elizabeth. It looks like some really great things will be happening online. If you get a chance read the article under the wellness section on explaining to others how it feels to have autoimmune arthritis, it’s really good.

already signed up!

Me too, I'm in!

I’m so glad you are all participating, I think this will be a really great event.

I just sent this info out as an e-mail to my address book, to inform them of the day, gave them the website making explanation available concerning my recent diagnoses, that they can research Psa, Sjogrens, Raynauds, to have a better understanding of what I and many others across the world are combating. It will let them know why we are not the same people they once knew, but I also told them that the new 'biologicals' have given us hope!

Aren't we tired of being treated as though this is 'all in our heads', or that we 'over react'?

I'm in! :) Thanks for posting!

I have also printed out the articles and passed them out to some of the people I work with, as well as family. The more times people read these articles, I believe they may eventually " get it". Soooo excited for all of us.