Horrible hip pain!

For the past month or so, I've noticed that my right hip has been more stiff and sore than usual. When I brought it up to my Rhumy at my last appointment, she prescribed Lidocaine Patches that can stay on for 12 hours, but then they have to be off for 12 hours as well. I'm having a horrible time trying to sleep; even if I lay on the "good" side, I still wake up with pain. And it is excruciating.

My doctor told me it was a bursa...not exactly sure what that means. I've tried ice, heating pads, massage, stretching, light exercise, the Lidocaine patch, and nothing is helping. To make matters worse, I recently had a very high liver enzyme number, so my rheumy does not want me to take NSAIDS unless it is horrible.

I can't stay on top of it at all. Have any of you had this before, and if so, what helped you?

I thought I was coping alright with my other painful joints until this came along. I could sure use ideas to help me get through this pain.

Thanks, everyone!

I too have had hip pain but it was due to my knee. I have found that when my knee acts up my hip acts up because of the way I walk. I do have to have fluid drained off my knee and when I do this my hip pain disappears.
When I sleep I also trynto sport my hip with a soft flat pillow to give it more cushion.
Again, this is just my story.
A bursa I believe is a fluid sac near a joint but you can google that to get more accurate answer.

I put Salonpas topical pads on my hip before I go to bed. Sometimes I use Tiger balm patches instead. I buy both over the counter in a pharmacy, usually Costco or Wallmart. They help as does a hot tub or hot pad. My doctor injected it once with steroid and it went away for 2 months or so. But it was very painful. I prefer to treat it frequently but less painfully.

I have this kind of pain as well, my rheumy also thinks its in the bursa. He called it "walker's hip". I've found stretching can help somewhat, also seeing an osteopath who stretched the fascia in that area. It helps for a while but I haven't found a long term solution i'm afraid :/. My rheumy said that he's done anesthetic injections for another patient but wasn't keen to do it for me *grumble*

I've had hip pain like that for years. Sleeping is a challenge, as is sitting, walking...etc. The only place I have found that is remotely comfortable is in the swimming pool. (HA!, can't stay there all the time.) I used to get steroid shots which would help for around three months. There are side effects to those, however. They are painful, on the first one, I totally forgot to breathe because it hurt so bad. They had to tell me to breathe. After that, I did ok with the shot. Due to the side effects of continued steroid shots, I have had to quit getting them. I use an herbal salve from Kettle Care (look up online), it's called "Muscle Rub". It helps alleviate the pain. It helps reduce inflammation & redness too. You know how ya get those "hot spots", red, swollen, warm to the touch?? This stuff works great on those. I ususlly apply some, then cover with my socks, or handwarmers (if it's my hands). For the hip, I apply it before bed, and sometimes just rubbing it in hurts, but afterwards the pain eases up. I have used pillows between my legs for laying on either side. Sometimes it helps when the upper leg is the sore hip. I hope you can find something that will help you to get a good night's rest. Hang in there!

Physio exercises can help. I also have hip Bursitis so I know how the pain is unbearable. I face a lot of difficulty while walking.