Hip pain

So I am back to working, I sit most of the day, but there is a good bit of walking too. The humira and mtx have helped my swelling and general tiredness up until about a month ago.....I am waiting to see my new rhumey since my ins has changed but the last few weeks my left hip has been so sore and tender it hurts to walk and even lay down alot of the times, I hate taking pain meds but they ones i have dont even seem to be doing the trick anymore.....Not sure if anyone has any advice on ways to help with hip pain....until i see my new rhumey all i have are some vicodin (which breaks me into hives so i only take in emergencies) and i have aleve etc,,,,hot baths have seemed to help a bit but any tips or ideas would be appreicated!

I have severe hip pain as well and it turns out it is from a couple of herniated disks, which for some reason, many of us seem to have. Might want to have an MRI. I would try ice instead of heat on lower back and dont sit too much for too long. Good luck

Hi, I too have alot of hip pain, but whether it's due to PsA or the fact that I broke it last year, is the question. But I just wanted to say that for me, sitting back (or laying back) with a pillow propped under my knee really helps me to get somewhat comfortable. Always a stomach sleeper, I am now on my back (pillow under knee), or on my rt. side (bad leg's on left), with a pillow between my knees. Position seems to be key. Good luck, and I will be following, to learn from you and others. Have a great day.

I am allergic to all meds my rheumatologists have tried. I can take Methotrexate and that is it. I have found some amazing new products by Trivaren and have in fact become a distributor. I am on the GATA and my arthritis has dramatically improved. Go to Trivaren.com and read about their products. If you have any further questions please email me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Thanks and feel better soon!! Cheri

thanks everyone! already have some great suggestions because of you! I will try the ice tonight Julie and I will make sure to ask about a MRI when i see my doc......4hooves I hope you get some great advice too from this post. When I was at my worst this site helped me make it through the members are wonderful no question or complaint is ever silly to us! and Cheri thanks!

Hey @amueller,
I took up swimming when I got diagnosed back in October to help with my pain and to get some of my range of movement back. I found it really helped the pain in my back and the hot jacuzzi just feels gorgeous. I’m not the strongest swimmer in d world and I don’t overdo it but the bit I do do really helps! Mayb something like that cud help u too! Hope things get better for u soon! Stay strong!

A TENS machine can help with constant hip and back pain. (Electric impulses). If you are looking for one I would advise you to buy one with the rubber pads not the cloth type and buy the gel and not the self sticky pads. The self sticky loose their stickiness after a while and are hard to clean. Mine went mouldy in high humid weather.

Massage is good. Not too hard though. It may take a couple of days because you could be sore afterwards to see results.

I am also a great advocate for swimming and if you are not up to swimming then buy yourself a foam noodle and hang off it and let the weight of you legs drop down in the water. It will work like gentle traction on your back. Gentle exercise in the water helps.

Alternate heat and ice. Get the strongest linament you can buy, it can help. If you can find one with Methyl Salicylate it will help with the pain. Plenty of rest and stretching with gentle exercises. See a Physio therapist or a Osteopath.

May I ask you , do you know what kind of things bring on hip pain? I also get it but it's short lived & i dont need any medication for it..it's like shooting pains.... But i also cant walk when i get it..but luckily it doesnt last & it just cripples me for a minute or so. I just have to stop where i am and let it pass. i cant imagine having it more often or lasting longer.It happens sometimes while walking to pick up my kid frm the bus stop. Or after standing. Im trying to determine if there's anything i do or can do to prevent it. I find keeping active helps to keep hip pain away but walking too much can also bring it on. So really I dont know what i can do to help myself. Sometimes after standing a in one spot and i try to turn around or walk with my feet it starts. Now you must have the PSa in your hip..my specialist doesnt know...he thinks it's the inflammation in my foot causing the pain in my hip. I have to control the symptoms in my foot he said so he's suggested enbrel. I havent had any need to take any pain medication. I was on mtx before and put up with the shooting pains because they are short lived. I hope enbrel takes away the shooting pains. I also get sore in my lower back when the hip pain lasts longer. I dont believe I have PSA in my back but my back does get affected by it.

Hi amueller,

I have a lot of hip pain, too. Don't know if it's the same as yours or not. Some of mine is due to trochanteric bursitis, which can be temporarily relieved by steroid injections into the bursa. It doesn't completely take the pain out of my hips (the PsA is still there), but it helps--and I will take any help where I can get it! The bursitis is easily evaluated by a doc who can push in the right place and provoke the pain. The injections, if given by someone who is experienced, do not hurt any more than any other injection. It's an easy diagnosis and treatment IF this is part of what's going on.

Hope you find some relief soon!

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So my hip pain is simalar to the shooting pain you are discribing bee...I had those when i was first diganosed with PSA and i was just on mtx and my symtoms were at thier worst. So the pain is simalr just without the shooting pain issue, I have noticed that my left foot feels kinda swollen and numb which (since it is my left hip hurting) makes me think maybe it is a nerve or disk issue...idk I notice that inactivity or sitting for long periods of time make the pain worse, that can be said for most arthritis type pains however it is really hard to be active when every move hurts,

Byrd....THANK YOU! I love this site it has helped me through some really hard times, without the support of the members I dont know how i could have gotten through the last year and a half, It was always so comforting to be able to talk someone experiencing the sames issues i was, and i have made some wonderful friends along the way too!

Sciatica could be part of the cause…and that is usually related to back problems.
It usually is a shooting type pain that doesn’t go away…for that you probably will need to consult a Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Surgeon…
I doubt it’s related to pSA