Hitting the wall

I can’t believe that even a triple dose of pred did not help at all today. I had a long day working and was walking horribly all day.
It sucks when people notice and ask questions, and you don’t want to get into this long drawn- out explanation of PsA so you just kind of bs your way through telling them whatever. Especially at work because there is a stigma attached to being “sick”, and being the boss to boot.
My only hope (Obi-Wan of the PsA world), is the clinical trial which I will be starting next week. Pray that it works and pray for no placebo!
Thanks for listening /reading!

Good for you that you will be in a clinical trial! Hope the worst of this passes quickly.

Thanks Stoney!

I hope you get some relief soon!!! I can't imagine doing all you do with PsA!

Summer holidays are just around the corner, Chef! Just a bit longer, and then you can put those ow-ey feet up for a bit. I hope the clinical trial brings you good things.

Wish you well!