Hello all!

I am on my fourth medicine. Had reactions to all the others . am hoping the 4th is a charm. I am taking Ridaura(oral gold) so far so good. The lists of side effects scares me senseless, but then again I think of the alternative. Has anyone out there taken this drug? If so I would appreciate any info you might be able to pass on to me.
Another question...sensitive heels. I can't stand the feel of the sheets on the back of my feet. Does ayone have that too? If so how do you deal with it?
Thanks for your support. Stay strong!!

Welcome, Diz!

I don't have experience with either of those, so sorry, not help here!

Can you wear socks comfortably? Maybe wearing socks will help the sheets not feel so funny on your feet.

Dear Diz,

I have not taken the med, but it sounds promising for joints and stiffness, hope it is a success for you.

I do know about over sensitivity, I get it on my Sciatic leg, and sometimes my toes get that way from the seam of socks. My left leg can get so extreme that I have to prop my feet and ankles on pillows to sleep so that the upper back of my leg does not touch the sheet. This is so maddening! I take Lyrica for nerve pain, but even that does not seem to help the situation.

I rub it with sports cream (OTC) to numb it and take a Valium, it is the only thing I have found that helps me deal with it, until it just passes. If you get no other relief, call the Doc, perhaps he knows something mine does not! If he does please be sure to pass it on to me! Thanks!

I feel for you, talk to me anytime! Feel better!


Hi Diz,

If you can tolerate the application to your heels, you might ask about prescription Voltaren gel. As far as I"m concerned, the stuff is magic!

Sorry, I have no experience with gold, but would love to hear how it works for you.

Hope you are feeling well today!

Hi Diz,

I take Ridaura and have had great success with it. Took about three months to kick in, but so far so good. Hope it's working out for you too:)



I have never taken gold but wish you good luck with it. There is a cradle for the foot of the bed to keep covers off of feet and legs. Used especially with open wounds or brns to the lower legs/feet. It should be available at medical stores and may be covered by insurance.