Has anyone used prescription pain creme for PsA joint pain? and Does anyone have a pain management physician?

My podiatrist prescribed pain creme for PsA joint pain. I haven't used it yet, he ordered it to be sent to my home. If anyone has, please let me know the results you had. I have also been refrerred to a pain mamagement physician. My first appointment is Friday. What should I expect? My family doctor has given me vicodin and ultram, for years; but neither of them relieve my pain much; and I must take high doses which means high doses of acetaminophen .

Last week my podiatrist prescribed 10/350 Lorcet, which seems to work better, contains less acetaminophen. The MTX seems to be helping some already, with only slight side effects. I don't want to become dependant on pain killers, but I can't function without them, when my pain is extreme. I asked for the pain relief creme and a tens unit so I can try those at times when narcotics are not necessary. Which pain killers do you think are best for our type of pain? Which has the least side effects and the most addictive nature. Are there foods that help or increase your symptoms? Are there any type of treatments that you have found to help with relief? I will be thankful for any answers to my numerous questions.

I have been undiagnosed and in pain for so long that I want to get it right now that I know what my condition is. I just want to feel better and spend time with my grandchildren!

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I have taken pain medicines for about 5 years and they help. I have had to adjust the dosage as it becomes less effective over time. However there are times when I take very little pain medicine. I also rest, use ice and try to get some exercise daily. Basically, you have to do what you can and know your limits. If you over do it today you will pay for it the following day. That is the hardest thing to deal with. It is frustrating when you have a big day but can’t do what you want. For example, when I go on vacation I make a list of things I want to do and categorize them by ‘feeling good’ or ‘not good’. Then I work off the list depending how I feel. This works better than making a rigid schedule where you over do it. Also I try to be a spectator instead of a participant. Maybe be a coach instead of a player when your friends are playing a game.
Sorry to get off topic. Please let us know how tens works. I have thought bought it but read that it cannot be used on the spinal area. Also whether pain cremes or patches help. My guess is that they will help but make it too easy to over do it.
As for narcotics, it seems that there is a broad usage of them. Also they go by different names but I think vicodin, percocet and tramodal or common. They tend to be strong and work for 4-6 hours. Some can wear off quicker from what I’ve read but your doctor will know that. In regard to addiction, it is unlikely if you have taken them before and not had a problem. However, you may get physically dependent after prolonged use. So I would discuss this with you doctor.

When it comes to food, I would say that it plays a part in PsA. Unfortunately it is different for everyone. Some people go on an elimination diet then very slowly add back things until they figure out what bothers them. For me it is red meat and dairy :(. While others have problems with gluten or nightshades.

I hope this helps! There are a lot of helpful people on here so keep asking questions or give a shout when you learn something! It may not be new to everyone but it will help someone, guaranteed!
Good luck!

If you have used them previously and aren’t addicted I think you will be fine

Hi, Andy. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of variation in what helps each of us with PsA. There is much trial and error involved in finding what works for you. I love Meppert's idea about making two lists for vacation. That makes so much sense! I'm going to steal that one, Meppert!!

I have a tens unit and find it does wonders for my lower back/SI areas. In fact it is a Godsend when I am flaring there. The only thing I have been told about restricted use with a tens unit is not to use it above the shoulders. You have a chance of stimulating the vegus nerve which passes through your nerve and goes on to the area of your heart. I don't worry about that because I never use it above my shoulders. Works for me. :-) I did try the tens on my hands once with nasty results. That electricity passing through your fingers feels 50 times stronger than when it is on your back. It was very uncomfortable and would make my fingers jump unexpectedly. So I gave up that experiment. ;-+) But, I'll repeat, it helped my back a great deal.

I am not sure what pain cream you received. However, if it is Voltaren gel, again, it's a Godsend on some joints and a dud on others. I love what it does for my feet and ankles. Doesn't do much for my hips--I probably have too much padding there for it to get to the target! But I'll take ANY relief over no relief any day. It does work for my feet, so I want to adopt it and bring it home to live. I have used it on my hands as well with mixed reviews. It does work well. But here are the problems I have with it: 1. It's hard to keep on because I constantly have my hands in water around my home. (not the med's fault, but still a problem for me) and 2. I worry about putting it on my hands and fingers and then forgetting and rubbing my eyes. Is that medication safe to be in my eyes? I need to ask the doc this one. But it's something I think about. They tell us to keep so many of our PsA meds out of our eyes... I have used Ultram since it came on the market (a little over 10 years if memory serves) and I did find it to be very helpful in taking the edge off pain when I began using it. Over the years its effectiveness seems to be waning. But if I use the acid test, meaning can I stop taking it and tell a difference, yes, I can. It's slight, but it's still there helping a little. About two years ago I began breaking my hydrocodone 10/750 in two and taking half in the mornings. That's usually enough to get me through the morning when I seem to have the most pain. And sometimes I follow that with the other half in the evening at bedt ime. I confess, though, that I have restless leg syndromre, and hydrocodone is a drug of choice to treat RLS. So once in a while I use it for RLS. I suspect if I would stop all the drugs for a few weeks, the receptor sites would clear and we could start over. But I'm too chicken. lol Anyway, I think you will find help from any of things we are talking about, although each of these probably won't be a complete answer. I still have to have a small arsenal to control Uncle Arthur.

Let us know what you think about the cream. Maybe it is something we need to be asking for!

Thanks for a good question!