Has anyone had a bakers cyst burst and what did they do for it?

I had a bakers cyst burst In the back of my knee and now joint fluid is leaking into my calf. It is very pain full and all they have done is give me steroid injections and it doesn’t seem to be helping.

I had mine drained.

Heres a thread about Seenies Bakers Cyst experience. I know its not what you want to hear BUT having it drain into your calf is what the want to have happen. The rarely drain them anymore (especially with us folk) because of the Huge risk of infection. keeping it elevated and iced is going to give you the best results:


Hi, Stardy! I just came across this thread. Sorry I missed it when you posted: I was in the hospital having my hip replaced. All done, all good, and I’m now off crutches and heavy painkillers.

My ruptured Baker’s Cyst was one of the most painful afflictions I’ve ever had, and it took a good six months to subside to the point where I couldn’t feel it any more. Not pleasant. It has left my one calf a bit bigger than the other, but it’s only noticeable by someone knowledgable and observant. (And me, of course.)

The ER doc told me that if it didn’t “deflate” on its own, I could have it drained. When I told my orthopaedic surgeon that I had been told this, he wasn’t impressed. In fact, he went on a bit of a tirade: the risk of infection is too great for someone with a knee prosthesis. (Yes, I have two titanium knees and one brand new hip. All PsA damage, most of it before I was diagnosed.)

For now, I guess the best you can do is oral pain meds, elevation and ice. Sorry I can’t offer you cheerier advice than that. Good luck! You’re young (I’m not :wink: so maybe yours will resolve quickly. Let’s hope.