Soooooooo confused!

Okkkkk this is sooooo annoying, I feel like crap, I’ve put on so much weight well Mostly fluid, diagnosed. In sept, took my fourth humira on Monday, but still not feeling greT, joints a lot better but still very sore, My knee where I had 2 arthroscopeys , and was told there is no more that can be done only knee replacementHas swollen up with fluid badly, don’t want to go to surgeon as I’m 42 And want to wait until I really have to, before I have knee replacement Also rest of body is so blown up, my face, and my tummy looks like I’m ready to give birth, the women might understand this one, I had my third merina coil put in last jan but I havent been right since, but in the last few weeks I’ve had serious lower belly pains with bleeding which I never had before???Also I had submandibular gland removed a few years ago but guess what, other side is now swelling up again, I’d say due to another stone, arggg so what I wAnt to know is whyyyyyy

Call your Cardiologist or PCP NOW and get an echo-cardiogram ASAP. Congestive Heart Failure (fluid build-up) is a known complication of the Biologics as well as one of the little presents we get with PsA Then get some lemon heads and suck on them after putting a hot pack on the bulging gland. The SWELLING will GO DOWN. and then stay away from the surgeons for a while.

I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. I would run not walk to the doctor. Don't wait to find out what is going on. The swelling is not normal! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Lainee B.

Thanks so much your suggestions guys, I was with my rheumy on Friday, he said kenalog and humira would not cause fluid retention, said to get blood pressure checked and bloods done with GP if every thing ok take a diuretic
Didn’t seem too bothered about it, then was at gyny today, she said there is for sure not something right, she gave me scan so no cysts or ploys or anything jumping out at her, so she will be bringing me in for merina removal and dnc
She was very concerned and took my bloods and blood pressure 135/90 she will is getting cardiograph and chest xray ordered swell so hopefully we will get an answer soon but I’m carrying a lot of fluid, ankles seem to be fine, a load of it around knees, up mt thighs,
Belly , arms, forearms and face, :frowning: like a little bubble :frowning: