Baker's cyst, MTX and kidney function

I've been using MTX for just over a year now, and my last blood work showed a borderline high creatinine level. Doc says she wants to watch this for another three months and then maybe adjust my MTX.

Here's the problem: I have Baker's cysts on both knees. The left one was almost gone, but has come back today with a vengence. It's huge--larger than a hen's egg. I know that this is a result of inflammation in my knee, so it seems to make sense to reduce the inflammation by taking an NSAID. But NSAIDs go through the kidney and could impact the kidney issues (creatinine), so I'm hesitant to take an NSAID.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? I will contact my doctor's office Monday, but they are only there Monday-Thursday, and I'm wondering what to do for the next three days.

I'm alternating heat and ice. Anyone have any ideas?

I hear you, cyster! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist …) I wish I could give some useful advice, besides what you are already doing. My opinion on the NSAID is that it probably isn’t going to do enough good to justify the extra load on your kidneys. Voltaren cream applied liberally, front and back of knee, may be helpful.
The gi-normous baker’s cyst which appeared on my calf in late April (8 cm around, 4 cm thick) is still very large, but has gone from being rock hard to being merely firm. Odd how we measure progress, isn’t it? The knee is still stiff, which tends to make me think that the tissues are still plenty inflamed. My orthopedic guy said he wouldn’t consider draining it. But he also said to come back in three months. That’s later this month, so we will see.
Your plan for the weekend: rest, ice, heat. Hang out here and we will keep you company.

Cyster???? Oh, boo, hiss, groan! What pun-ishment!! lol

Did he say why he didn't want to drain it? That's the knee with the TKR isn't it? Are you giving me a hint not to get this thing aspirated? Spell it out, Miss Cyster! This is me--subtlety may be lost on me. lol

Can I still be in the Christopher and Banks style show tomorrow? lol I'll wear pearls in your honor!

Sounds like twisted cyster to me. Bwahahahahaha LOL I hope your knees go down over the weekend. Keep your feet up and the remote at hand . :)

Okay, does anyone really kneed this abuse? I tried to think of one truly bad joke that would cap this off, but, frankly, I can't (pa)tella very good pun. And to think, I wanted tibia stand-up comic, until I took an arrow to the knee!!!

(I always wondered when I would be able to work in an "arrow to the knee" joke. Thanks for the opening!! lolol Thanks for the giggles, my friends. I needed that!)

OK, Byrd wins the pun prize. Hands down!

The details. Seriously. My BC was 8 cm diameter and 4 cm thick, and yes, both my knees are prosthetic. The emerge doc gave me a cortisone shot. It eased the pain somewhat, and he offered me a drainage later in the week. I decided against the drainage because I had a rheumy appointment the next week. Then, a couple of weeks after that, I got in to see Dr. Knee, who had done both my replacements. He hit the roof, and announced that “we don’t drain these things” and he told me I should never have allowed the cortisone shot. Then a horror story about bone infections and removal of prosthetics and long antibiotic therapy and new knee replacements. Ow ow, eeeee! I promised never to let anybody except him near my knees with any sharp object. After that he smiled and gave me a high-five, and said he wanted to see me in three months. Why, I don’t know, he said they don’t drain those things … but we will see.

As for your BC, Byrd, you don’t have a tkr. So I’d say, give whatever they offer you a go. Cortisone may make you more comfortable. Drainage, though, may be a bit like draining the well. The underlying problem is overproduction of joint fluid, so the relief might be short lived. But any relief is better than no relief. You definitely kneed to do something about this, cyster.

PS Of course you can be in the style show. Just don’t model the miniskirts and the swimwear. Pearls are always good.

I guess before I get the thing aspirated, I should talk to my rheumy. I do get the idea about draining the swamp. In fact, the doc who offered to aspirate said it would come back intermittently until it was removed--and even then, it might come back. It's a comfort measure only, he said.

In yet another vein (pun intended), I'm wondering how you got a Baker's Cyst on a knee that's been replaced. If the cysts are a result of inflammation (which I am told), then how do you still have an inflamed knee? Do you understand the mechanics of that? Somebody 'splain it to me, pleez.

PS: I did go the style show and I wore my pearl earrings just for you, Seenie. :-) I didn't model the miniskirts or the swimwear. My PT is the only person who has seen my knees since 1985. lol Oh, stop adding that up. Yes, I'm old! lol