Hands and Fingers...Deformities

I’ve been working with a physiotherapist for my hands - starting to see some deformities. I had already been using wrist braces for pain and swelling and started using an Oval 8 splint on my left little finger as it wants to bend and is swollen in the middle knuckle. Physio made me a splint for that finger - Boutonniere deformity correction. The backwards Oval 8 kept it too straight. Now I also have an Oval 8 for my middle finger on the other hand to prevent Swan Neck deformity…will probably end up with one on my other middle finger as well so I’ve been searching Etsy for silver jewelry type ones that look a little nicer (the little finger splint is for night, the others are for daytime).

Anyone else experiencing these deformities ? I am on a biologic (4 months in) and am kind of concerned about my hands for the long term. TIA.

Hi there,
I don’t have much hand deformities most likely because I saw a hand physio at the very beginning and my PsA gave up messing with my hands too. So I was very lucky. The hand physio stopped Dupretryns progressing and I’m left with some lumps in one palm instead which is utterly fine by me.

I was just wondering about your biologic - which one it is and whether after 4 months you feel it’s starting to work for you or now and what’s your rheumy thinking about it? Only because for me I didn’t find a biologic that worked for me until I tried the third one.

I have purchased and made my own silver ring splints for my dip and pip joints. This is mostly to support them and provide proprioception when I am in need of it. Over the course of the last 15 plus years I have developed some mild deformities but none that gets significantly in the way it function. For example a few of my fingers now twist, and I have some ulnar deformities at the mCP joints. My mom experienced a ton of deformities because for years she was told that her hands damage was all due to osteoarthritis. So at this point she has had multiple replacements and fusions done of her finger joints in order to minimize the pain. Scott said, I have to say, that as deformed as her hands appear, she is able to use them fairly well. Some of that means using tools where she would not have in the past, but we have figured out the easiest to use tools between the two of us and help of her occupational therapist.

Also, some of what you may think are deformities are actually just swelling, and some of them may go away as the swelling decreases.

I am on Hulio (Humira biosimilar). I am finding some benefit but it’s no “magic pill”. My rheumie wants to give it 6 months since I was seeing some benefit at 3. It seems like it’s trying - my little patch of psoriasis on my elbow comes & almost goes and my little finger swells and resolves…in a world of pain the last few days probably from overdoing it at Christmas and very cold weather. Ugh. Hard to tell…

I have silver ring splints for both thumbs. silverringsplints.com They are attractive and get compliments. I wear them when I have more pain than usual. Your therapist has to measure and order them for you. They are expensive. But check out the site for more information.

Maybe just a small thing, but I took pictures of my hands and feet two years ago for accurate reference regarding progression. It has been helpful in being able to see even subtle changes to the various joint bumps, lumps and twists. Today can be that reference point for way down the road and good evidence of doctors etc. (I have too many pictures of my face that remind me that biologics don’t seem to help the aging process. “It’s Rinvoq not Botox”) Happy New Year!

Lol…yeah the meds aren’t doing my face any favors either - pictures of the hands, what a great idea !

Poo_therapy - I’m on Hulio (Humira). My next appointment is in March and maybe the drug isn’t really working as well as it could. Ha - definitely not this morning, too much “bad” food and a couple of glasses of wine last night. January being January, I’m going to clean up my act and take care of myself a bit more, got away from it a little over the holidays and that doesn’t help. Not looking at weight loss, just better nutrition and self care.

On the 5th I have an appointment with a physiotherapist at our local hospital inflammatory arthritis clinic. She has PsA too. This appointment is all about hands, I know I push too hard and try to do too much so I’m hoping for some tips. I’m going to purchase some rings/splints too. On the 12th I have another, all about feet and orthotics.

Happy New Year - moving forward !

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I am starting to get mild changes in finger joints and some mild swelling. Mostly it’s pain and weakness. I’ve been in treatment almost 14 years. I wish you the best of luck with your treatment and hope it becomes stable. Ask a jeweler you like on Etsy if they can make what you want. Most are amazing.

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