Ring splints

Some of you already know that I have had a good deal of trouble with my fingers, and have some damage. I have pain due to instability, not erosions per se. I have found that using ring splints on select joints that are now hyperextending has been really helpful, so I wanted to talk about this.

I have a bunch of different quickie ring splints that I have made myself, in a variety of sizes. So I might typically start with one of those. Wearing ring splints can, over time, help to bring down edema. If I don't have one that's right, I will start off with thermoplastic Oval 8 splints. These are a good temporary measure, and they are pretty inexpensive. They can be ordered directly from the internet, and if you have a ring sizer (they just cost a few bucks) you can easily measure your own fingers. I find these to work well, but they tend to be uncomfortable if worn too long. Here is a link to some information on them. I got mine off Amazon. http://www.3pointproducts.com/oval-8-finger-splint/faq-about-oval-8-splints/

Other "store-bought" rings I have now used are the Siris silver ring splints, and splints that I have ordered from a woman on Etsy. I purchased the Siris silver ring splint through my hand therapist, as this is how they are ordered. The hand therapist had a sizing kit, so I was able to try on different size combinations to get it right.I opted to spend more money on this because I realized that for this particular PIP joint, on an index finger, it clearly needed long term support. I paid $81 for an extra strength swan-neck splint. You can find more information about them at http://www.silverringsplint.com/

The other one that I have bought was from Etsy.com, as mentioned and here is a link to the page - http://www.etsy.com/shop/EDSringsplints The store owner has Ehler Danlos syndrome, and has been making ring splints for at least a few years. Her original splints were more of a trial, but she has really become an expert at this at this point, and is quite professional. Her work is good, and she stands by it. I just recently purchased a ring from her for my ring finger DIP joint, and will likely be purchasing another one from her for my other index finger PIP joint, once the swelling goes down.

There is another option that I haven't tried out yet, and that is Murphy ring splints. These appear to be well made, and the stainless steel ones are adjustable (within reason) and seem to wear quite well. The price for the stainless steel ones seem to be $40-$50. The best price I have seen for these is through this site https://www.ncmedical.com/item_1082.html These can be sized using a standard ring sizer as well.

I'm happy to talk about this more if anyone is interested. I will also try and post some pics.

That's really awesome. Thanks Laura.

I learn so much on this site. I had no idea there were such amazing splints available. I thought they were all neoprene and velcro. Some of the silver ones are really pretty! Hope they're helping you.

Stoney, thanks for the wonderful information. My fingers are what I suffer with the most. The "twisties" i call them, the popping, locking, instability and pain drives me nutty sometimes and this cold wet weather we are having this week isnt helping me at all ;-(.

You're welcome. I just figure that I've gotten so much out of them. Even my rheumatologist commented on them, and said that she wonders why more people don't use them.

Stoney, it looks like your Etsy vendor went out of business. :-( I tried her site and got a negative response. That stinks!