Just wondering

So I read on here about some people using splints to help ease sausage finger pain so I got one and it worked wonders. I noticed in the morning the swelling was slightly less where the splint had been. So… because I tend to be my own lab rat I wrapped my pinky with that self bonding ace bandage like stuff. I kept it lose enough my finger tip didn’t turn purple but still sorta firm support.

Well it helped ease my pain and swelling, my finger still doesn’t bend at all but it is less tender and less swollen (at it’s worst I couldn’t get my wedding ring on my pinky at all, it’s still bigger than it was, but the ring fits now.)

I’ve not wrapped in a few days now but the pinky seems to be remaining the same size.

Anyone ever experiment with this sort light binding? It’s not improving function, but I am feeling less pain and looking less deformed.

When I wrapped it I only kept it on at night and was very careful about circulation. (As much as I’ve wanted to cut the pinky off when it was throbing in pain I’m just not ready to commit to amputation right now. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve done it with either fingerless gloves or finger sleeves. I do wear splints on my fingers to keep them from hyperextending. I wear them on four joints at this point. I am not a big fan of taping and whatnot as then. I can’t get my hands wet.