I know this is a different topic but my daughter has gotten a hamster as a pet. I am not around it much for it is in her room. I use disposable gloves and a mask when it comes time to clean the cage. We are going to clean it outside. With others expertise and knowledge, is this type of pet a no no for people like us.

We've had gerbils for almost 5 yrs now. They are different than hamsters in that they have 80% less waste, but besides that they use the same type of habitat, bedding, etc.

I've never had a problem, and I do the cage cleaning (dump everything on a compost pile outside, hose everything off, then bring back inside).

Occassionally I would get a little congested if everything was particularly dusty, but I could have worn a mask but I just took an allergy pill.

Gosh, I never thought about that. I have two chinchillas and their habitat is in our living room. They have a huge 5’ tall multi-level habitat. I clean it inside and I don’t use any protective devices. I just clean it out when it needs it and give myself a good hand washing afterward. I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it, but I haven’t had any problems with this method. I do the same with the cat boxes though I probably should at least wear a mask for both chores.

One warning for you as a new small pet owner, never use cedar shavings as bedding. The oils and perfumes in it are not good for your pets or your respiratory system. Always use the recycled paper style bedding like CareFresh natural bedding or a generic if your pet store has their own brand. It is more expensive than cedar, but I think it lasts longer and stays fluffier than the cedar does. It also does a great job of absorbing odors.

Enjoy your new critter!

We like the Kaytee brand for our hamster. The soft shreds, not the granules. The hamster likes it much better too, as she beds in it. I've never worried about cleaning,issues. Then again, I never worried too much when I had a gecko either, and that one I probably should have worried about.

If they are Chinese Hamsters, maybe you could grow your own Enbrel.

Ha! Only if they are female. Too funny. I always wonder who the heck thought-hmm Chinese hamster ovary, I wonder what we could do with this?..

TNT - I read that about Chinese hamsters just last week. Reminds of the anti-d injection I had after childbirth that supposedly comes from German nuns. Funny old world.

Lol! Lamb, I have 10 living things under my roof! If I had to raise Chinese Enbrel growing hamsters, I think I would lose it!