Grandchildren and their vaccinations

How long dors one have to be away from their grandchildren after they get their vaccinations? One or two weeks?

Only if the vaccines were live vaccines do you need to stay away or that’s my understanding but the children’s doctor doing them will know that and will only know how long then you might need to stay away.

Grandchildren??? Good lawd. I’m still trying to get to one your boys football games… tell me pleez it hasn’t been that long.

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The ole miss player is married now and are now talking about grandchildren and that got me thinking about the vaccinations. I was just trying to figure out how this all works. So I really have to be away from them for two weeks once they gets their shots.

But for how long?

I think Poo’s right - you really need to ask your doc. I’m pretty sure most of ours aren’t live (I got PsA when my daughter was 2, and there were no precautions taken for subsequent vaccinations), but you’d need to get your kids to ask the question of the doc that’s giving the vaccines.

@Rebel_mom I don’t have kids nor obviously grandchildren:upside_down_face:.

But lots of my friends have both. And here in the UK they now give kiddies the flu vaccine up their nose and I think (obviously I’m not sure) that’s the only ‘live’ vaccine kids are given And that’s the only one therefore that could possibly cause a problem with us and the meds we’re on. And I’m not even sure how you have to stay away for 2 weeks either as this also causes problems to Mum’s and Dad’s too who might be on meds etc.

I don’t think any of the rest do. Ask when the time comes but I don’t think you need to stay away for any other vaccine other than this one.

With the possible exception of the “live” flu vaccine their should be zero issues. PsA patients can take (and should) most vaccines so exposure to grands getting them is even less risk.

The new combo vaccines are a wonderful development. Not only are there many times fewer “shots” exposure to the Kiddos (and you) is much less. There are several available and it depends on the Pediatrician which are used (just stick to the same one:

For what its worth I’m not a fan of the live flu vaccine…

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From memory, you need to watch the rotavirus vaccinations as these are also live vaccinations. I was told no need to avoid someone who had the vaccination but for two weeks after, be careful and exercise good hand hygiene etc when changing dirty nappies and also on the day of the vaccination to avoid babies mouth.