Went to my husbands graduation this weekend, so happy and proud of us for making it here. I wasn’t feeling great but I didn’t let that get in my way. It was a day that ranks up there with our wedding and the birth of our son.

Then on Mother’s Day I felt so tired and sore, it was a bit depressing because all I wanted was to have a good day with my family and all I could do was sleep.

My right hand is killing me, it’s like I’m having a flair in the hand itself and not so much the fingers except my pinky which doesn’t bend at all anymore. My grip is weaker than it has ever been and I’m feeling the limitations.

My appointment in July cannot get here fast enough.

My hope is now that my stress level will be going down that hopefully my body will be able to recover and my pain level will be less intense.

I feel so much lighter now that he’s done with school, not even PsA can hold the feeling of relief I have back.

I feel optimistic and refreshed mentally even if my hands are stiff and painful.:slight_smile:

Guess you can feel joy even when there is pain!

That's great Lena! Hope you get to rest up and start feeling better.

A great accomplishment for you all. I've worked at a large Midwestern university for almost 20 years and it is easy to underestimate how much the individual accomplishments of students rest on the team effort of family and friends. I was pleased to see two friend get hooded with their PhD's last weekend and I know that without their support networks (family for one, friends for the other) they wouldn't have made it. Now, rest up!