My fantastic boys with me on my graduation

Your graduation! From....????? Recently? Well done, Louise!

And they look like lovely boys -- obviously beaming with pride!

Thanks Seenie, that was from 2010, finished at the end of 2009 but as I was the only one in my group to finish I had to wait, for the next group to go to the official graduation ceremony…when I went up on stage I could hear my boys whooping and shouting lol. They were proud because I graduated even though Id gone though marriage breakdown, mental breakdown, nursing my mother and her death.

Oh my ... what an accomplishment. Nursing? Or another discipline?

What a horrible period for you. And look how far you've come! :-)

Its a bit difficult to explain, we have differing levels of nursing. I am what is call an Associate Practitioner, it is basically what was once the old state enrolled nurse role, which was phased out but the govt. realised there is a large number of very experienced health care assistants who can be trained up tho become APs. I’m specialised in renal dialysis and run my own bays of patients, care plans management, drug rounds etc…everything the registered nurses do and am rostered on the nurses rota but am not a registered nurse (I’m cheaper lol!) Its a new role within the NHS and we and patient safety groups are pushing for registration.

Oh yes, we had the same kind of restructuring here a few years back. So you were moving up a level. Are you eligible to make another leap (with a lot of hard work and study)?

So nice to see such a happy pic of you. And the one of you and your friends at Christmas. Silly Brits, wearing those party hats! LOL

The University were very keen for me to do the full nursing degree but it all comes down to cost. My directorate don’t part finance for nursing anymore but want more APs and just Sisters eventually. I was offered the chance to do the rest of the nursing degree by a drugs company, but that would have meant working for them for 3 years post. Direct patient care is where my interest lies and always will be, I’m not willing to give that up yet. :slight_smile:

Silly hats?! Christmas dinner is not Christmas dinner unless you’re wearing a hat lol :wink: