Ahhhhh! bad day!

Im sorry my friends but I need to vent!
I’m stressed…spent all day mentoring a student nurse who doesn’t know her arse from her elbow! Manager left at midday so only 3 nurses left with me, 2 of which are as much use as a chocolate teapot! and 1 new to post…all more senior than me I might add. Managers opinion? You’ll cope you’re experienced. Thanks boss!!
I just wanted to hang a sign round my neck that said " please be gentle with me…I hurt"
Rant over…sorry folks needed an ear but I’ve got home and no ones in lol bath and a glass of vino me thinks x

Oh dear, Louise … I know the feeling! I’ve had many student teachers. They are all, even the best ones, a lot of extra work, but a bad one – yikes! Used to put me on edge because I was afraid of what might happen. And then when it did, guess who picked the pieces up!
Chocolate teapot! I love that expression – so terribly Brit!
Have a glass for me!

Thanks Seenie, in that case Ill have another glass just for you :wink:

Oh Louise you go ahead and rant some more, you have earned it. I am with Seenie, chocolate teapot is a wonderful image!

A student nurse story for you. I was on a floor in a hospital. I thought I had all the student nurses under pretty good control until one little blonde cutie with the longest lashes you ever saw walked up to me and said, "I don't know how to use this thermometer". Great. Except she was holding a specific gravity test tube from the bathroom for urine- I don't know if this translates well it is a good three inches in diameter! Please cover all vulnerable orifices now! I died a little inside.........

Makes my eyes water just to think of it Michael!! Lol