Family visit - great! Housecleaning before they get here - not so great :(

My Mom and sister are coming to visit today!! I am so excited to see them, I miss them greatly and enjoy having them around. However, that means I have to clean the house to get ready for their visit - not so happy about that. I decided to do things a bit differently this time and see if it helps. Usually I rip through it to get it done as fast as I can so I can enjoy doing something else - however, that usually results in me having to rest after I finish because I am tired and hurt so bad. Most of the time, it doesn't get finished and I have to put it off again to another day. So today, I am working for 15 or 20 minutes then resting to see if I can get more done and still have some energy left to visit with my company and take them to see our other sister in the hospital. So far so good. When I first started this morning, I jumped in and went to town like in the past, however, I ended up not watching what I was doing and I smacked my hand against the steel frame of the bed. To most people that wouldn't be a big deal but my PsA made my knuckles essentially move out of joint for a minute and just kills. For others it would just be a quick ache for a moment and then go away. For me, the pain lingers and throbs for quite some time until my knuckles swell up and the bumps of the knuckles cannot be seen anymore. Then the swelling stays for a couple days. Of course it is my right hand and I am right handed so the left hand has to try to make up for it. My right hand is the hand with less than 50% of its grip left making cleaning harder to begin with but then when it is swolen, it makes it worse. Hubby has been great and helping me this morning. He isn't feeling the best himself but he is trying and I love him even more for realizing I hurt and wanting to help out. I would say we are over half way done and only my hand is hurting right now. Normally, my back would be killing me at this point and that would be when I have to stop so I think how I am dividing it up may be helping. I still plan to take a nap before their arrival but I think I will enjoy their visit more by being able to move.

Yeah the not being able to keep up with the house has really got me down lately. I allow it to make me feel inadequate and like a bad person.....In reality we hardly ever have company so what's the big deal. Plus I have 3 kids 11, 6, and 4 so I am outnumbered lol.