Ranty Rant

So I thought I would start posting on here. I have an outside blog which others are welcome to read, and I think i'll likely post the same bits on here.

I was quite frustrated today. I have been in a bit of a flare, but I don't want to take the prednisone :(. You'd think mtx and plaquenil would be enough? I'm also worried i'll end up on biologics....at the same time it would be awfully nice to not be in pain every day. I'm not sure that my husband is really getting it. *sigh* Usually he is really lovely and helpful but lately he has been complaining a lot more. We've been cleaning up our recently purchased apartment before we move in, and he just does not want to do it. But I cannot physically do everything. It's just frustrating...if I could then I would :(. We've had a talk about it though, so hopefully he is be a bit more considerate about that.

Seeing the rheumatologist again on Wednesday. I need to remember to ask about the itchy scalp since starting plaquenil and the random reactions to elastic in clothing...

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Dear Emma,

The kind of physical labor that is required for re-doing an apt is tough on those who are WELL, and just killer for us, but it is very rewarding work when you can sit back and see the transformation. I know I have done enough of it!

I notice you have posted/blogged that you have problems with your wrists, so do I. Mine feel like they have been stretched far beyond reasonable limits then beaten with a hammer! I surely hope that yours do NOT feel the same way. If you don't mind, could I ask about yours, how it feels and what your Doc has to say about it.

I hope that you can work through things with hubby and get him motivated, it always warms my heart to see the photo of you two, your love and happiness are so dear!

Sending you my best,


OBTW, the Mexican food sounded good to me!

Hi Sk,

Thanks for the reply :). My wrists are one of the constants with my PsA. I've just seen a new Rheumy so he hasn't said too much about them yet. They feel kind of like they are constantly a bit sprained to full on sprained-don't-want-to-move-it depending on the day. I'm meant to get an MRI on my right wrist, but we have to save up a bit for it ^-^;. On bad days I do have soft wrist splints that I wear.

As for my husband, he really is a lovely person. Just lazy XD. But after we talked he understood that I needed a bit more consideration from him and all was well :). We're both looking forward to moving into a nice clean apartment.

I surely hope you get some relief with your wrists, please let me know of any word you get on them. The expenses and financial burdens that come with this illness, or any other are just plain bad.

Glad you have such a good hubby and got things straightened out! Sounds like you are going to have a nice place to live, it's exciting, isn't it?

Hugs to you,


Nice talking with you Emma. Hope the pain will lift and allow you to get some things done!



Love that predisone, I'd take it all the time and did for many years. I know all it's problems and have some of them, but can't help but love it. It does help my engery level.